Frequently Asked Questions

Does water ruin wood floors?

Water can indeed damage wood floors. When wood floors are exposed to excessive moisture or water for prolonged periods, they can experience a range of issues. To mitigate and repair water damage to wood floors, it's crucial to act quickly by drying and addressing the source of the water as soon as possible. Our team of experienced professionals employs a specialized thermal drying system and dehumidifiers to ensure a swifter and more effective restoration process. If, at any point, we conclude that the damage is irreparable, we will promptly communicate this to you.

Can you provide an explanation of a work authorization form and its importance in requiring your signature?

Before starting a project, Best Option Restoration of North Charlotte will ask you to sign a work authorization form. This document gives us permission to work on your property and enables us to communicate with your insurance company by sharing a courtesy copy of the invoice. The work authorization form is crucial, especially during emergency mitigation. If any additional work needs to be done beyond the initial phase, a detailed scope is typically prepared prior to its commencement.

Is it necessary to enlist general contractors for the restoration process?

No, it is not typically needed. Best Option Restoration of North Charlotte offers full-service restoration, meaning we can handle damage repair, removal, and complete restoration of the damaged areas. In the unlikely event that additional contractors are required, we will manage the coordination of their services.

Is it important to determine the specific type of mold?

While it may be interesting to identify the exact type of mold or fungus, it does not significantly alter the necessary steps to be taken. The CDC advises the removal of mold once detected, irrespective of the specific type.

What are the advantages of air duct cleaning?

Air duct cleaning provides various benefits, such as reducing energy costs, preventing mold growth, minimizing the presence of bacteria, allergens, dirt, and debris, improving indoor air quality, increasing air circulation and flow, and maximizing the performance and longevity of commercial HVAC systems.

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